Time: 3pm ET ~ 6pm ET
Host: Lord_Orpheo
Location: At the above scheduled time, join Lord_Orpheo on his Twitch channel for Community Chat & Gaming News. Though this day is centered around gaming chat (news / editorials / vids), it needn’t stay relegated to such.  Any topics permitted by the Twitch TOS & my Chat Rules are open for discussion.


Time: 3pm ET ~ 4am ET
Location: At the above scheduled time, join nOObSLAYER on his Twitch channel to see the latest & greatest of what gaming has to offer across multiple platforms.

Ghastly Media Podcast NEW

Time: 6pm ET ~ 8pm ET
Host: Sons-of-Helghan
Location: At the above scheduled time, join Sons-of-Helghan on his Twitch channel to orchestrate strategy and game launch into some battle on the high seas in “World of Warships: Legends” on PlayStation 4.

4 responses to “Wednesday

  1. Little Big Planet 3 gamenight build create share a game that’s about playing really good levels also 4 players what’s also cool about LBP 3 is team work helping your friends get stickers and also challenge games you can also play with you’re friends 😀

  2. Staff meetings we approve idea’s. from Monday’s so that way it can be %100 agreed on. To confirm Monday’s idea’s staff have to make the agree on Wednesdays staff meeting so that way it can be event. Also you all have idea’s for new game night’s that’s what open meetings are for. Also events and game night idea’s can also be approved on Wednesday for the game night to work member’s have to enjoy the game that’s how the game becomes a great game night. When member’s stop showing up the game night is no more so when a member talks about a idea for a game night that member have to make sure it’s a game people will enjoy that’s the key in making a great game night event.

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